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Hi-Tech SupportAMT is pleased to announce its partnership with Hi-Tec Support GmbH.

Hi-Tec Support will now be in charge of service and technical support for AMT customers all across Europe.


AMT has added new representatives.

Our mission has been to create better communication with our customers. Please contact your local representative if you have any questions about AMT's products or services.
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rat pancreas cells NanoSprint43MThis low magnification image of rat pancreas cells was taken with AMT's latest 43 megapixel camera, the NanoSprint43M-MKII. The direct magnification of 4000 provides very detailed features and allows for a great amount post imaging enlargement.
The NanoSprint43M-MKII camera has a brand new, high performance AMT MKII lens, engineered to produce extraordinarily high resolution, even at low magnification and wide angle images. This lens development increases the NanoSprint43's FOV by 50%.

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What's New?

  • New Products - NanoSprint43-MarkII
    AMT is pleased to announce the release of its new NanoSprint43-MarkII camera system. This is a 43Mpix camera with a larger field of view and higher lens performance.
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    >> NanoSprint43-MarkII (pdf)

  • NanoSprint43
    The NanoSprint43 is AMT's latest product featuring an entirely new sensor that achieves the high sensitivity required for TEM clinical applications and life-sciences. ...
    >> Read more
    >> NanoSprint43 (pdf)

  • The NanoSprint12 The NanoSprint12 is a 12 Megapixel camera system that is available in the wide-angle side mount, low mount, and mid mount TEM positions. Given its combination of speed and sensitivity it's key applications are both biological and materials science. ...
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    >> NanoSprint12 (pdf)

  • BioSprint Series AMT is proud to announce the release of the all new BioSprint camera systems. The BioSprint is available in either a 12, 16 or 29 megapixel for ...
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    >> BioSprint29 (pdf)
    >>BioSprint16 (pdf)
    >>BioSprint12 (pdf)

  • NanoSprint5 AMT is excited to release the all new NanoSprint5. This system is an economical option for both Materials & Biological research. Given its combination of speed and sensitivity, its key applications are materials science, where it is used for both research imaging and diffraction via SAD and CBED.
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    >>NanoSprint5 (pdf)

  • AMT has revised it's image authentication software that was originally introduced in 1999. The new software now includes a digital security strip in compliance with FDA rule 21CFR11. For more information please refer to our documentation on this software.
    >> Read more by downloading the spec sheet (pdf)

  • XR401 cameras NOW spectrometer compatible for JEOL microscopes.
    >> Read more by downloading the spec sheet (pdf)

  • XR401 - AMT offers popular XR401, 4 Megapixel, sCMOS, Peltier cooled camera, for both Side or Low-Mount microscope positions!

    Featuring Peltier cooled sCMOS sensor, this break through in signal-to-noise means low dose imaging is now possible with this fast and affordable camera. This sensor is combined with AMT's high throughput optics to achieve a new level of speed, sensitivity and dynamic range for both imaging and diffraction.
    >> Read more by downloading the spec sheet (pdf)

  • XR81 Peltier cooled, 8 Megapixel, CCD camera with high speed/low noise readout, using high performance B lens for Mid or Low-Mount microscope positions!
    >> Read more by downloading the spec sheet (pdf)

  • TEM image galleryVist AMT's TEM Image Gallery to download Images from our comprehensive selections of cameras.
    >> TEM Image Gallery

  • Tomography is now available for FEI, JEOL, and Hitachi TEMs.

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Each camera features AMT's original high-resolution, finite-conjugate lenses, creat ing an extremely flat focus.
AMT sells the digital imaging cameras for TEM directly to customers, through domestic and international representatives, and through TEM vendors.
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